Hello world!

Whenever I’m about to do something- something that people can see- I wonder if I should actually do it. I ask myself if it will be good for me, I question whether anyone who sees it will get anything from it, I ponder on the purpose of the thing,  but most of all, I wonder if it and I are ready.

At a certain point, I remember that I am very capable of sitting in front of this project for hours, days, or the rest of my life. So, with this log, I’d like to give out all my imperfect and barely molded gems that really are very perfect.

I remember an old lady’s advice for me, and I understand that my true talent is in storytelling. So, I will tell stories here, and I will write about stories and I will reference people who make and write about stories; not literature or theatre or tall-tales, but all of these things, and in every form there is, including video games, movies, and furniture, or whatever I think tells a good story.

I’m intent on building a good style of writing- something I’m fairly obsessed about- and forcing myself to organize my thoughts.

I will attempt to put down a few short stories here. Keep in mind that I’m loose with my use of words (atheists will blaspheme passerby), and that I am a brutally honest person (and expect the same treatment).

So, in short, I will write about whatever I feel like, with a few preferences.

(I wonder how long this blog will live)


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