I’ll try to focus on writing more than bloggin, but one day of off-blowing morphed into two (I’m still not sure how that happened. I probably just had a 36 hour night.), so today is blog day.

It’s not bad though, I have a couple decent things to talk about. First, is the Solium Infernum game I just joined. It’s a game about conquering hell against other ‘people.’ It’s going to be a slow-paced strategy game, tricky resource management, and backstab-oriented politics, plus a little corny dialogue. I mentioned to Joe how it’d be cool to get non-participant participation, and he’s liable to go for it.

Joe (who is probably Ialdaboath) made a site for it and everything.

The other thing I’d like to talk about is my New Vegas samurai. I wondered what it would be like to have Samurai Jack in a much more morally gray world, where bodies don’t conveniently¬†disappear, Aku uses living people as meat shields, and where I couldn’t find a single white robe in the whole damned wasteland. I’m not quite there yet; I want to prepare a bit more before I brutally murder two dozen innocent people to piss off the two major political entities, which would signal the true beginning of my game. For now, I’m playing the game normally, just with a katana. I’m scavving and completing quests in all the most efficient ways, and even using the occasional reload. The moment I jump into the ‘real’ game, I’ll impose a 50 weight limit, and rid myself of all my money, which will force myself to live as I go. I’ll set myself up with a particular loadout (a unique cowboy hat, sword, and the armor that most resembles white robes), and never abandon it. I might set down my hat temporarily in order to finish a quest, but I’ll always return to what I had. I’ll also go to the trouble of ‘burying’ the dead, something Jack never had to deal with. I’ll also be immaculately pure, never deviating from the good path. I won’t allow myself the pleasure of a ‘base,’ making me constantly move from place to place (If only Nevada was a little more diverse)

Without a doubt, these two will produce some good stories.


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