Background story: the Rise of Zimlya 2

After the bombs fell, people cowered and ran. Most stayed above ground, some for reasons of paranoia,¬†claustrophobia, scotophobia. But most stayed above simply because there was no room below. Radiation was mostly mild, and the panicked throngs of the cities were largely annhilated, so those in the countryside had few to contest with. Aside from a change in lifestyle, and occasionally harsh weather, it should’ve been a simple transition and reconstruction. But the clouds blot the sun wholly for a time, and left the sky a mosaic of grey for years. The rain was tainted and consumed those who thirsted for life. These are a few of the hundred plagues that consumed mankind.

A mere third of human kind was destroyed by the disaster, but only a twentieth survived the aftermath.

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A Finicky Universe background story, The Rise of Zimlya

All societies suffer periods of collapse and renewal.

A power will rise to prominence, -family, king, or egalitarian society- and order the people and things under its control. This government is composed of the wisest, most powerful, and most caring people, for these are the kind that set about creating nations. And so, though the people may yet suffer from wrongs that cannot be so easily forgotten, the entire nation goes about working towards a better future, for themselves, and for their children.

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The Patriot Kickstarter

Jesse Grillo is raising money for a mini-comic series that’s really, really good. A third of the month into funding, he’s about a third the way to garnering the 8,000 the project needs. In other words, it’ll probably fail by a grand or more. The kickstarter of awesomeness is here. If you simply want to see some pretty pictures, he offers a download for the first 15 pages, in full color. It’s important to note that there is almost no chance Jesse will make a dime off this project; the money is chiefly going to paying the ‘assistants’ for work they’ve already done, and edging them into finishing the comic. He’s already shelled out a couple hundred for advertising and whatnot.


Ryu Nishigata on Guitar, Daisuke Maruyama on bass and Shingo Toba on Drums. No idea who is who.

///I usually expect one of three things from the voice of a song. I expect a story, to be told something. I also sometimes expect the voice to simply be beautiful, or add to the song as dressing. I also expect it to bore and annoy me, which is the most common of the three.

///Well, this band belongs to the second. For me, anyway. I can’t tell what the hell these guys are saying. Japs.

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