Last Night’s Adventure

///I had a dream this morning. It wasn’t vivid, but I can remember everything that happened. I just don’t remember why. I was an adventurer of some sort. I don’t recall why, but the three of us -no idea who they were- were travelling through this ‘dungeons.’ However, I’m pretty sure I was pressed into it, mostly because I wasn’t wearing shoes. I occasionally had to stop to pick the thorns and refuse from my feet. Near the end, one of my companions showed me a spell to quickly clean my feet. I was very appreciative.

///I think we were there, for some reason or other, because of a demon. I imagined the demon as him; A guy who’s plainly evil, but not entirely so,  and even with an interesting personality. Someone who would make a good friend if he wasn’t trying to seed chaos (or whatever). I remember picking him up when he was scurrying around, small as a mouse. I guess we had a bunch of fights with him before my memory kicked in, so that my memory encompasses the ‘final quest.’

///Faintly remembered reasons aside, we were travelling through some sort of underground facility, military probably. It was dimly lit and enclosed by steel walls. We were following the source of skeleton monsters, maybe. To save the villagers above? These skeletons were arranged like the weak monsters they were; sporadically, and walking about without purpose. I smashed through them, proceeding slowly. Right about now, I was shown the aforementioned spell (a little-big part of the dream).

///We came to a staircase, with an elevator to the right. The room above the stairs was entirely golden colored, with the yellow light seeping out of the room, and settling in blotches on the top half of the stairs. It must have been gold light-bulbs. In the room above lay a fountain. The central room was surround by a few others, one of which held a golden robot on the far wall. It freed itself from the wall and came towards us (though I never recall seeing it move. I’m not sure if it had legs). Its body was a series of golden spheres and tubes. It seemed like a random construction, but was perfectly symmetrical. It had two, thick arms, but no discernible face, save two blue eyes on a single golden protrusion.

///In another room, I noticed a litter of piglets with their mother.

///There was some discussion between the group, which was probably pretty damn clever. I know that death was mentioned. At some point, at the suggestion of the robot, one of my companions stepped into the fountain, descending into a faintly blue darkness. I remembered this having happened before, sometime much earlier in the dream, long before I knew my own actions. Back then, I stepped into the fountain. I remember it being a dark, but warm experience; something good. Maybe it was this that we came for. Or maybe I had already been here.

/// It felt like our journey was at an end; that we all had to enter the water. It was an ending, and not a portal -this much I knew. It was an inviting place, and I wanted to go. The golden golem wanted us all to go in, and he was clearly a good guy.

///The fountain wasn’t very wide, maybe three or four feet across. In the center lay a ‘tower’ that emerged from the water; the gap between, through which the water lay must’ve been a little less than a foot across. From the centerpiece in the fountain, a rod extended, but was broken at a little less than my height.

///After my friend jumped in, I noticed the rest of the rod. At the end of it there was a purple mask, plump like a balloon. It was horribly sinister, and marked the fountain with malicious intent. I lost all faith in this place, and turned back to the stair.

///I didn’t notice it then, but the entire place was filled with barely-hidden malice. We were on a quest to find a horrible evil; the place was decorated to be as inviting as possible, but it was composed out of the same material as the rest of this underground structure; pigs are a useless animal, meant only for consumption or sacrifice.

///We decided on taking the elevator beside the stairs. The both of us entered, but the pigs followed us. I held my foot to keep the door open, so we could get the little pinks out.

///However, the door fought back. It kept slamming on my unclothed foot, and more viciously than an actual elevator ever would. After a point, with the pigs still inside, the door made its decision, and left itself wide open. At that time, the cab started to rise without anyone having pushed a button. The pigs were still inside, and we were fearful of the elevator, so the both of us jumped out. I started grabbing the pigs out, since it’d be dangerous on their own. The mother pig came first, and practically charged out (rolling off the edge). Some of the piglets went on their own too, but I mostly had to carry them out. When there was one left, I noticed the most horrible thing.

///The top of the cab wasn’t rising with the bottom, making the elevator a makeshift crusher.

///I reached for the last piglet, with only a couple feet of clearance left. It was terrified, and froze up. It sat just out of my reach, and so I pulled my arms out the moment I thought I couldn’t save him. At the very end, he noticed what was happening, and crouched down, only for a moment.

///It didn’t make a ‘splash’ or anything horrible and sadistic like that (this was my dream after all, not Dick Cheney’s). It just crumpled up, and the elevator stopped rising.

///I sat down, and holding back tears and sickness. I cringed right next to the opening that led to the elevator shaft. My companion said something about weaklings then I woke up.

///I’m not sure if the dream was a warning, an omen, or an inner projection, but I don’t want to let that happen again. If I had really tried to save this stupid animal, I could have saved him.


One thought on “Last Night’s Adventure

  1. mwm474 says:

    I apologize for this; I realize how stupid it is. I guess I wanted a record for it, or something.

    The story would probably make a good short movie. But, as it is? Just stupid.

    Also, check out ! VGHS is brilliant in the way it uses and abuses tropes. Still, it doesn’t represent video games very well, for a few reasons, mostly the raw stupidity of their play-styles.

    For instance: In a one-off with two adjacent corridors separated by a wall (episode 2), it’s a horrible idea to just stand back and pick off the other guy; he’s got the same odds you do. (a real con artist won’t leave the ball in any of the shells) No, the best thing to do would be to chuck a grenade down one of the lanes, charge down to the other end, and wait for him to come around the corner, crouched. If he comes out within 2-3 seconds, he’ll take a half second to sight, without any cover. If he takes longer, then you rush; he’s either reloading (you’re fucked) or he’s gone to your side (kinda fucked).

    So, good show.

    Oh, one other thing. When I was writing the last ‘chapter,’ I knew I had to insert a certain amount of jargon. So, for inserting oneself into a non-allied group, I borrowed ‘Macguffin’ (McPhail invented the word) to make ‘guffing.’ Turns out, it’s already a word!

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