False Narrativism: Looney Tunes

///Recently, Warner Bros gave the go ahead for a new, -as yet unnamed- Eastern European (go figure) studio to produce a new ‘Looney Tunes’ game. This one, unlike the abysmal failure that is Acme Arsenal looks like it will be a great game, and will capitalize on the Looney Tunes brand in all the right ways. It will be hilarious, goofy, and an impressively complex game.

/// The game might be called a class-based third-person shooter, with varied game modes. However, ‘combat’ is quirky and fun, -barely resembling its nearest cousin, TF2- providing casual players with a ‘lol’ worthy environment. Hardcore players would find that, but also enjoy the complex, team-based gameplay. Even the non-gaming bunch is set to be pleased with the wide variety of creation tools that’s set to be marketed towards the machinima crowd.

///Please note: the game is extremely early in development (I’d link to the site; it doesn’t exist yet). Keep expectations low, and read on.

///Players are divided into the ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘extras’ teams, or more depending on the scenario. Player count is unlimited on the pc version, but will generally be around 2-8.

///Those regularly included on the good team include rabbit, bird, owner, dog, mouse, rooster, roadrunner, etc. (I use the generic names because several different versions of a class exist, Bugs and Lola for instance). The good guys are typically on defense, and must preserve their own lives or prevent their opponent from completing their objective. In addition, good guys tend to have the ‘quick-witted’ trait, which allows them to know some of their enemy’s plans.

///The bad guys include the hunter, cat, cowboy, martian, beast, chef, gangster, witch, coyote, chickenhawk, etc. They tend to be on the offense, though sometimes the good guys are just messing with them. They also tend to have a lot more lives than their better sides, since they tend to be repeatedly blasted, burnt, flattened, vaporized, and accordionized.

///The extras take the role of scenery or impartiality. Police, dog-catchers, dragons, knights, parents, and npc’s comprise this team, among others. These guys can hurt either side, and generally have no goal of their own.

///In addition, a unique ‘environmental’ class can be used by any team. The powers of this class are usually related to influencing the environment in certain ways, like directing traffic, cutting wires at inopportune moments, providing players equipment, or otherwise being godlike-beings. Depending on the scenario, their powers can be limited (they usually are, since the environmental class has more powers available compared to others by a factor of ten. Usually too difficult to even manage!), or themed. Good examples of this include Acme, ‘The House of the Future!,’ and a pack of birds that occasionally poop, swoop, and claw on those below.

///Combat does take place in the usual shooter sense with pistols, shotguns, and the like (with a lot of hp), but is more often carried out by the contraptions on either side. Long systems of bomb-delivering pipes, Goldberg machines, wind-boards, and all that other ridiculous stuff. Some props are small enough to be ‘poofed’ into the game, Looney Tunes style, but the bigger stuff (and clothing) has to be got from specific areas. Usually, players will go to their base and suit up (which produces a video for other players to see, depending on options and traits. This video is how the defender can do all those wacky counters to the wacky attacks). Specific, and sometimes more powerful, items can be attained from specific areas in the map. Still, many items are designed to fail, per acme specifications (these can be disable in competitive play). Sometimes, items are sabotaged (usually with the help of ‘delectymite’).

///In addition to this, there’s a ton of specific situations that can change the flow of a battle. For instance, shooting a still player in the back will create a puff of smoke through which the player can escape (or taunt), and stunning the attacker for a few seconds. Attacking a player holding a melee weapon with a melee weapon will lead to the both of you hitting each other like a metronome.

///I’ll use an example to explain the character stuff: the basic rabbit class has access to some of the cooler and more powerful abilities, but has only one extra life. He has the ability to teleport, when nobody is looking; he is very, very fast anyways; had access to more items and costumes than anyone else; he can see the equipment that his enemy is using; he can even delay opponents by talking to them. However, he’s also quite weak in a direct fight, having moderate health, and a non-existent attack. He’s essentially the team spy, who delays and messes with the other team, but is the last to show up in an actual fight.

///I, for one, am excited to see the game in action (all my information was a combination of bits of information, a short conversation with someone working on the project, myself filling in a few gaps, and even a few hopeful bits. For instance, that’s not actually how the rabbit class works [yet]). All the same, it’s an ambitious project, by a new startup. In addition, it’s a licensed game, and… we all know how that works. In a way, it reminds me of Oszustwo, a game which seriously stepped out of its bounds (plus, it’s Eastern European as well)

///I’ll keep you posted on any updates, but it will likely be a year or longer  before any saunters out.


7 thoughts on “False Narrativism: Looney Tunes

  1. mwm474 says:

    Well, I didn’t get much fun out of this. Not enough troll…

    There is no Looney Tunes game in progress, to my knowledge. I had an awesome idea for a game, and wanted to add a little spice to it, that’s all. However, I’d prefer not to take liberties with a corporation’s copywritten work, so I’m denouncing myself and this work.

    Still, would make an brilliant game. WB, if you’re out there, please?

  2. sport says:

    golf trends

    You mention some good points, cheers

  3. mwm474 says:

    I can’t tell if this is spam, or support…

    Hmmm, I think Murphy’s law applies.

    • decius27 says:

      It had the word ‘good’. Take anything you can get, ya’know?

      • mwm474 says:

        The guy’s name is ‘sport,’ he has a link for a name, and I don’t recall giving any ‘points.’

        Oh, and that one ‘like’ we got? That lady had gone through 10+ ‘politics’ posts and ‘liked’ them all. And now I have to put apostrophes over my like! Goddang, I’m going into college and I already hate this new technology.

        (I just hate the annoying ways people use them.)

  4. mwm474 says:

    Oh, and he uses a mail service from Germany. We all know how those Germans are. You Russians would know more about that than me.

  5. ShaunCG says:

    Heh, I dig the idea of Rube Goldberg machines being used in a class-based shooter. Your engineer class is an *actual* engineer…

    Some pretty cool ideas in here, actually, and it raised a smile to boot. Gotta say I wasn’t familiar with the original gag though (so many gaming podcasts, so little time).

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