Ryu Nishigata on Guitar, Daisuke Maruyama on bass and Shingo Toba on Drums. No idea who is who.

///I usually expect one of three things from the voice of a song. I expect a story, to be told something. I also sometimes expect the voice to simply be beautiful, or add to the song as dressing. I also expect it to bore and annoy me, which is the most common of the three.

///Well, this band belongs to the second. For me, anyway. I can’t tell what the hell these guys are saying. Japs.

///I found this little gem of a bunch surfing youtube. No, not for hours, just a couple minutes spent on a wayward search… and then an hour watching their indiscernible home movie.

///The Neotokyo series (see how I found these guys?) chronicles the band members (probably…) walking around Tokyo (probably…), being idiots, sharing jokes, visiting family, bowling, meeting an interesting old man, drinking, and general home movie stuff. In addition, spread throughout are briefly displayed pictures of the town, and several scenes that are divulged bit by bit. Chief among these is a Jenga game (read: All throughout their lives, they build a tower which steals from its own base).

///It’s neat. And I don’t really recommend you watch it; I just thought it was neat. There were a few earnestly funny moments, -the dryer scene for instance- but its basically a bunch of guys being idiots (which is funny). It was like being at a party, but being disconnected from the people. I like that; people are fascinating until I hear them talking about Jersey Shore and the bargain on mayo they found. It’s an extrovert’s world, and people talk just to talk.

Their album cover for ‘Kinder Book’

///But! The important thing is that they’re a band. They seem to be more of a garage band than anything, since they don’t have a wikipedia page in either language. However, they’ve made recordings unlike my pa’s Guthrie quality records; they’re using ‘real’ equipment. Their genre is a mish-mash (I knew I heard a bit of prog in there;  turns out they have King Crimson enshrined on the wall, high above lesser albums), New Wave being the central style. They’re good, like, really good. Well, the drummer is, at least.

///I’m a drummer; I can tell how good a drummer is, and this guy, Shingo Toba, he’s good. My tv opens with a jazzy drum solo. Jazz, it bears mentioning, is the apex of percussion. Blessed is the man who can make five bassy notes and extremely varied instruments sing. And this guy, for a brief moment, does just that. He also shows the ability (and inclination) to go between a repetitive-but-spiced beat and a repetitive-but-syncopated beat, which is the traditional mark of a skilled and mature percussionist. The other guys are probably as good, and it’s worth mentioning that someone in there knows how to use an electric piano

///They’re good, but I still have a complaint: Their video, For Side, which is a good chunk of WWWW, doesn’t go anywhere. It finds a mood, and it stays there. It changes pace, occasionally, but this only serves to get you pumped or mellow about this… kinda downhearted feels.

///Their LP (or whatever), Loop&Loop, is a little more… loose. Their live performance is pretty cheesy, but they do a lot with it. They use the ‘beauty from cacophony’ approach, which says a lot about their personal constraints (as in, they don’t limit themselves). It’s also a beloved tactic of mine; Dig Me easily ranks among my favorite songs. They also go into lengthy improv-ish segments, that remind me of a second rate Moonchild. All the while though, it feels grungy and never fully releases itself into some of the more elated moments.

They’ve seen a little too much The Doors methinks. Still, they’ve got heart.

///I just feel like they have a lot of potential, and I want to make a public statement saying that I knew about them before they were big. Because, if they hit the right…chord, they might become big. So, go, you might find a song you especially like. And, maybe, you might want to support them by buying World Wide Wonderful World boxed for the shamelessly overpriced amount of 22$. Though shipping is probably half of that.


One thought on “Bronbaba

  1. mwm474 says:

    I can assure you that any appearance of delay is, in fact, my partner’s fault. Honest and for truly.

    A series of distractions ate a week before I started writing again. Right now, actually, I have several drafts half-prepared, and this was simply the first one to leak out.

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