The Sacred Pocket

About 10 minutes walking time will take me to the edge of the city. Here, residential construction is halted, for reasons of preservation or difficulty of construction, I never knew who to ask. Beyond the last, desperate line of fake-adobe towers and middle class lives the ground sinks some 20 yards, which serves to give these homeowners the right to say they live on a house on the hill, which is just what these are. I’m sure the nearby ‘wilderness’ does as much good for the property values as the highschool does bad. And the property values are because of the extended economic situation that Santa Fe finds itself it; a ‘story’ for a different time.

There are two paths that closely follow the ridge. Jaguar road, a four lane thoroughfare, which follows the snake like ebb of the ridge and divides the housing fomr the other side of the street. On one side, an apartment complex, the fire station, and a few dozen houses, on the other, the library, the preschool, a few dozen other houses, and a few other places of interest. 

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First day of college

College seems fun, if difficult.

First class started with an open Chinese politi-historical conversation that morphed into TRPG’s and computer building. I had an hour for lunch. I met a bunch of people I know, and impressed/entertained them with my knowledge of the workings of the universe. I met my doppelganger and lived. Staff respect me as a human being/adult now. No one gives a shit if I use my phone. I don’t have to tell everyone when I go for the bathroom. I won’t be done with a section and wait a week for everyone else to do it.

It’s also really hard. And there’s a lot of heavy books. And I don’t have much time for writing.


An addendum to an earlier post.

A bit more blogging, for which I am sorry. I’ve begun accumulating all the post-OS-installation software, and I’m rather surprised I managed to find sleep last night.

Ah yes, that should be my first bit of knowledge-giving. I’m seriously considering becoming an OEM computer manufacturer (if you’re in the know, that phrase is redundant. Still sounds nice and official though, like I’m a bonafide technocrat.). I can differentiate myself  from competitors a couple ways, mostly in terms of software and affordable customization; I don’t charge 80$ to add two gb’s of RAM. I charge 50$ on top of the parts fee; that’s my entire profit margin. Mind you, considering all the work I put into a computer, that’s about minimum wage. I also ‘bundle’ about three dozen free programs with the computer, mostly games. This is not shovelware, and I highly support the programs I add, programs like Dwarf Fortress, OpenOffice, Cave Story, 7zip, Cart Life, Avast!, etc. I offer free consultation so that people can figure out how best to get a computer, and I offer a bunch of options.

That’s a shortened version of the spiel. I probably won’t have as much time as I like, but that’s neat. I can finally be one of those busybodies with no time in their heads.

A few things I’ve learned. There’s the ouya. There’s the new, actually functional (but not yet made for public consumption) virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift.  I also watched the Lorax, and have a few choice (negative) words about that. I’m moving on to the second gig of Ghost in the Shell. I also learned that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. Kinda wish I knew that before I decided to write about the Civil War. I also, just now, saw the Fresh Cave of Bel-air. It’s awesome. Click it.

Oh, and then there’s Bow, Nigger, but I already knew’d that.