An addendum to an earlier post.

A bit more blogging, for which I am sorry. I’ve begun accumulating all the post-OS-installation software, and I’m rather surprised I managed to find sleep last night.

Ah yes, that should be my first bit of knowledge-giving. I’m seriously considering becoming an OEM computer manufacturer (if you’re in the know, that phrase is redundant. Still sounds nice and official though, like I’m a bonafide technocrat.). I can differentiate myself  from competitors a couple ways, mostly in terms of software and affordable customization; I don’t charge 80$ to add two gb’s of RAM. I charge 50$ on top of the parts fee; that’s my entire profit margin. Mind you, considering all the work I put into a computer, that’s about minimum wage. I also ‘bundle’ about three dozen free programs with the computer, mostly games. This is not shovelware, and I highly support the programs I add, programs like Dwarf Fortress, OpenOffice, Cave Story, 7zip, Cart Life, Avast!, etc. I offer free consultation so that people can figure out how best to get a computer, and I offer a bunch of options.

That’s a shortened version of the spiel. I probably won’t have as much time as I like, but that’s neat. I can finally be one of those busybodies with no time in their heads.

A few things I’ve learned. There’s the ouya. There’s the new, actually functional (but not yet made for public consumption) virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift.  I also watched the Lorax, and have a few choice (negative) words about that. I’m moving on to the second gig of Ghost in the Shell. I also learned that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. Kinda wish I knew that before I decided to write about the Civil War. I also, just now, saw the Fresh Cave of Bel-air. It’s awesome. Click it.

Oh, and then there’s Bow, Nigger, but I already knew’d that.


One thought on “Blog-a-day

  1. mwm474 says:

    P.S. Resetting my circadian rhythm. Life sucks.

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