Star Wars, Episode 7

Fo’ reals, bra’. Episode 7. It’s happening:

So, what do I think? Why, I appreciate you asking fro my opinion, so I’ll tell you: ‘Looks good, but but might be horrible. Definitely interested.’

The Star Wars universe is not dead. There’s still plenty and plenty of good stories out there. And, to be honest? They already exist, just not in movie format. And turning these stories to movies isn’t a bad thing.

I haven’t read them myself, but there’s lots of good extended-universe Star Wars things. Ever heard of Ben Skywalker? Well, he’s one of the best Star Wars characters of all time (according to Wikipedia). Know who Mara Jade is? You will. Kyle Katarn? Four video games are not enough. They’ve got good material, at least.

But, the staff to make the movie may not be as worthy. None of the original actors are still fit for the roles. Lucas has nothing to do with the movie. The writers may crumble under the weight of the franchise. Disney may (will probably) act like the multi-national, mildly evil, super-controlling corporation that it is. And, it might not even be released.

But I’m hopeful. 2015.