Talkin’ bout my…

The X generation is the baby boomers. They were born out of the remnants of war. They grew to adolescence, and set their sights on lofty, noble, goals. They created many grand things, had the worlds’ eye upon them, organized orgies and parties and protests and churches and schools. Then, poof. They joined society on society’s terms, and nobody quite knows how it happened.

The Y generation was born of the boomers. This is my generation. The transition generation. We grew up without mobile phones or the internet or digital transmission. We’re the ones who remember where we were, sleepy and just-woken, when 9/11 happened. We’ve not so high an ambition as the boomers, and what protests have happened (WTO, Occupy, Patriot Act, Wikileaks) have been suppressed and defamed. Ours is a generation with a bottom line, with an absolute focus on materialism and hedonism and minimal respect for authority. Our future is still uncertain, but there’s hope yet that America won’t diminish further.

The Z generation is still being born. These are the kids who will be raised in the internet. These are the kids who will be raised in uncertainty, in super-patriotism, fear, and hope. They’ll be sheltered both by extreme, unwarranted, bouts of optimism, and extreme, unwarranted, bouts of pessimism. Post-modernism will be their dry and unchallenged mentor, with easy-success being their wet-nurse.

But, I’ll get to the point. It’s here that I suggest the super-awesome name for the post-XYZ generations. Let’s say, for the kids born after  2030, or after the next big, traumatic thing, that their generation will be called the mortal generation.

Because, that is the last generation that will be steeped in the horrors of war, cancer, illness and mortality. Those beyond them, perhaps, will be blessed with life everlasting, and peace on Earth. They will be past the horrors of globalization with split-governments, the advent of war, the boundaries of this planet.

That, or they’ll be the last generation.