Maurice McAuley, assisted by my electronic vicar mwm (who is partially compliant with the greater internet fuckwad theorem), hosts ‘The Modern Storyteller.’ It’s a bunch of articles about a wider variety of interesting stuff. If, in the course of the internet’s existence, I fail to insult three different ethnicities, write something somebody will put in a book of quotes, create a small-scale book, rant repeatedly, and shift the world by an amount measurable by a metric ruler, I will be sorely disappointed.

I have recently graduated high school, with business academy honors (which means that I took economics 4 times), and don’t intend to return. I am intent on entering the cheap-but-decent Community College that is affixed to Santa Fe, and chronicling my time there. Beyond that, I am wrapped in the non-use of 16.

Those reading should expect an article every three days: I will whip myself, incrementally more viciously, every hour after two days have passed without a completed project. I will fail.


Insert Bitching Here

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