First day of college

College seems fun, if difficult.

First class started with an open Chinese politi-historical conversation that morphed into TRPG’s and computer building. I had an hour for lunch. I met a bunch of people I know, and impressed/entertained them with my knowledge of the workings of the universe. I met my doppelganger and lived. Staff respect me as a human being/adult now. No one gives a shit if I use my phone. I don’t have to tell everyone when I go for the bathroom. I won’t be done with a section and wait a week for everyone else to do it.

It’s also really hard. And there’s a lot of heavy books. And I don’t have much time for writing.


I recommend watching ‘In the Steps of Marco Polo.’ It’s somewhere between movie and documentary, and just generally good and informative.

“It’s easy to hate someone you never met; travel is the enemy of bigotry.”