Steinbeck, Politicians, and Conspiracy theories

(Or rambles with Charlie)

I’ve hinted at this before; I don’t like conspiracy theories. If I hear one slipping out of an otherwise sane person’s mouth, I suddenly lose all respect in them. This has happened a few times.

Man is a violent¬†sort. It was only a start when our hairy ancestors beat down our other hairy ancestors with a bone. Aristocrats and nobles fought wars to give their lives meaning. Babylonian kings established laws so they could manage their own estates. Slavery existed everywhere, simply because it was convenient. We’ve cheated, stolen, desecrated, massacred, and fucked our way through history.

And that’s how I can respect the human race.

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The Value of Super Wealth

(and littler wealth too)

///In support of the rich, some guy said something about a¬†five to one ratio. (Yeah, I’m gonna be vague enough to force you to read a metric shit-ton of ink.)

///Generally, however, the rich are despised. They are seen as a great waste of luxury-stuff, and a parasitic strain on society.

///I, however, think I’ll set a historic moment: The first time anyone gave both sides of this story.

Note:I’ll go in assuming the reader’s have a fairly advanced understanding of economics, so I won’t go into the basics. If you’re confused, feel free to ask for clarification. I understand how difficult it is, and I’ll be glad to help.

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