The Sacred Pocket

About 10 minutes walking time will take me to the edge of the city. Here, residential construction is halted, for reasons of preservation or difficulty of construction, I never knew who to ask. Beyond the last, desperate line of fake-adobe towers and middle class lives the ground sinks some 20 yards, which serves to give these homeowners the right to say they live on a house on the hill, which is just what these are. I’m sure the nearby ‘wilderness’ does as much good for the property values as the highschool does bad. And the property values are because of the extended economic situation that Santa Fe finds itself it; a ‘story’ for a different time.

There are two paths that closely follow the ridge. Jaguar road, a four lane thoroughfare, which follows the snake like ebb of the ridge and divides the housing fomr the other side of the street. On one side, an apartment complex, the fire station, and a few dozen houses, on the other, the library, the preschool, a few dozen other houses, and a few other places of interest. 

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