First day of college

College seems fun, if difficult.

First class started with an open Chinese politi-historical conversation that morphed into TRPG’s and computer building. I had an hour for lunch. I met a bunch of people I know, and impressed/entertained them with my knowledge of the workings of the universe. I met my doppelganger and lived. Staff respect me as a human being/adult now. No one gives a shit if I use my phone. I don’t have to tell everyone when I go for the bathroom. I won’t be done with a section and wait a week for everyone else to do it.

It’s also really hard. And there’s a lot of heavy books. And I don’t have much time for writing.


3 thoughts on “First day of college

  1. I think you’ll do fine, just a matter of adjustment. Watch out for your doppleganger, he may want to mate/fuse with you, or eat your heart to gain your power. Both are to be, ideally, avoided.

    • mwm474 says:

      Oh not to worry about that; I’m the evil one. Or the power-hungry one, or well, whatever.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if it were ‘she?’

      But yeah, I’m adjusting alright. The 3-day weeks help, especially when I managed to get sick on my second day. The biggest gripe I have is the sheer cost of textbooks; it’s delaying the procurement of my shiny new processor.

      Oh; and I may as well ask it here: have you ever played Cart Life?

      • Hell yes. I baked so many yeasts and sugars and flours. I’ve been a fan of that breed of sim since I played Dino Park Tycoon for three months straight as a sticky, sweaty child in ’93. Delicious.

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